Come with a clean face for all appointments.


Please avoid caffine before all appointments...

     you will be more relaxed without it.

Bridal Services require a signed copy of the service contract as well as a deposit. If you are looking to book services for your big day please contact us directly.


- Avoid water for the first 24 hours. That means no water, sweat, steam, or heat.

- Avoid oil based products. Oil will break down the adhesive of your lashes, causing you to shed lashes quicker.

- Avoid waterproof products. Avoid mascara... because lets be real you won't need it. :)

- Avoid rubbing your eyes, sleeping on your face. 

- Cleanse your lashes with the appropriate cleanser. 

Why one hour fills? Offering one hour fills means, you book your appointment when you are ready.  No timelines of 2 or 3 week fills. If you feel that you want to go 4 weeks then when you come in you are guaranteed one hour of our time. That being said, if you arrive to your appointment with 1/4 of your lash extensions remaining then you will be rescheduled for a Full Set. 


By booking your service you are authorizing Beauty&Co. to charge your credit card 75% of the total amount of the booked service within 36 hours of the scheduled appointment. 100% of the total amount of the booked service should you miss your appointment without proper notification.  If you are 10 or more minutes late or regret to contact Beauty&Co. you will not be able to make your appointment, you will be charged the full no show fee. 

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